Super Mario World ROM is a soft-copy version of the actual cartridge. The original game is dumped into ROM images from a physical cartridge using a ROM reader. You'll just have to load the ROM into the emulator and you are good to go.
What is Super Mario World ROM?

Super Mario World ROM is a softcopy version of the actual cartridge. The original game is dumped into ROM images from a physical cartridge using a ROM reader. You’ll just have to load the ROM into the emulator and you are good to go.

Brief Overview of Super Mario World

The main objective of this game is to advance to the next level by solving puzzles, collecting coins and destroying enemies. After saving Mushroom kingdom Mario and his brother Luigi go on a vacation to dinosaur world. Upon reaching to the island they realize that Princess Toadstool has suddenly disappeared. From this point, they start a journey to find the lost Princess.

On their journey to dinosaur world, they find an enormous egg. A friendly dinosaur named Yoshi pops out from the egg. Afterward, Yoshi tells the brothers that his dinosaur friends have been imprisoned in eggs by evil turtle king Bowser and his bunch.

Presumably, Mario and Luigi suspect that the princess may also have been imprisoned by the same evil turtle king and his bunch. So, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi set on a journey to release the captured dinosaurs and rescue Princess Toadstool.

Super Mario World History

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) produced and developed Super Mario World in 1990. Takashi Tezuka was solely responsible for the direction while Shigeru Miyamoto looked after the production. Similarly, Shigefumi Hino designed the graphics and Koji Kondo composed the featuring music for Super Mario World.

The main characters of the game are Mario, his brother Luigi, friendly dinosaur Yoshi, Princess Toadstool and evil turtle king Bowser. It was a great commercial success and sold around 20 millions copy worldwide. Above all, this game offers both single-player options as well as multiplayer options.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that Super Mario World is still considered as one of the best video games of all time? Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) launched it on November 19, 1990. It still recalls the nostalgic memories of the 80’s and 90’s kids. If you are someone from Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2012), who was born with the rise of the internet then this game must awe you.

Although at first, it may seem like a low graphics, 8-bit game but take a pause. Super Mario World occupies a total of 344 KiloBytes of disk space on the cartridge which is equivalent to 1/3rd of 1 MB of memory. Isn’t it fascinating because the entire game is equivalent to a normal photo size in today’s world?

NBC television made and broadcasted animated series of this game from September to December of 1991 which ran for 13 episodes.

A snippet of Super Mario World Game played using Super Mario World ROM

A snippet of Super Mario World Game

Let’s stop bragging and keep all the interesting facts aside.

By now you must be desperate to put your hands on Super Mario World. Right? But then, the other side of your mind must be questioning. Isn’t this game dead and a piece of history? Where can I find the cartridge of Super Mario World? From a pawn shop or beg your elder brother who has thrown it to some random dark corners of the garage?

How to download and run Super Mario World?

Brace yourself, for the ultimate truth. It isn’t worth that complication and hard work. You can actually run and play Super Mario World on your desktop and phones. It runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhones. You can play Super Mario World ROM in few magical clicks. All you need is an emulator according to your platform to run it.

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How to run an emulator for Super Mario World ROM?

An emulator is a software that runs on your computer or phone and acts as a virtual console. The best emulator for running Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is Snex9x.

You can follow a detailed guide on How to Install Emulator on PC here

What is Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)?

In the late 90’s, Nintendo developed a 16-bit gaming console and named it as Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES). Nintendo launched the gaming console in 1990 in Japan and South Korea & in 1991 in North America. It was launched in Europe and South America in 1992 and 1993 respectively.

Nintendo has recently launched Miniature Super Nintendo Entertainment System replica with 21 pre-loaded Super NES games. This a compact and smaller version of the console launched in 1990. You can buy it for $79.99 right now.

SNES is one of the most sold 16-bit gaming console in history. The gamers called it ‘Super Comboy’ in South Korea and ‘Super Famicom’ in Japan.